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libblokkal Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Blokkal::AccountThis class provides the interface for a bloggging account
Blokkal::AccountConfigClass for accessing the configuration of an account
Blokkal::AccountManagerGlobal account manager class
Blokkal::ActionTargetRelaySingleton that stores the targets of Account and Blog context menus
Blokkal::BlogAn abstraction of a blog
Blokkal::BlogCategoryModelBlogModel that incorporates the categories of a blog
Blokkal::BlogConfigClass for accessing the configuration of a blog
Blokkal::BlogModelWraps the account/blog structure for a view
Blokkal::ConfigBaseEncapsulates a XML configuration element
Blokkal::EntryThis class is a base for all protocol implementations of a blog entry
Blokkal::FileEngineProvides access to icon data of various objects
Blokkal::FileEngineHandlerFactory class for FileEngine
Blokkal::ImageFetcherA utility class to fetch images via HTTP
Blokkal::Io::BlogBrowsingDriverAbstract base class for all BlogBrowsingDriver used in Blokkal
Blokkal::Io::BlogJobBase class for jobs that operate on blogs
Blokkal::Io::CategoryRepresentation of a category
Blokkal::Io::CategoryManagerManages categories
Blokkal::Io::EntryJobBase class for jobs that operate on entries
Blokkal::Io::JobBase class for all jobs used in Blokkal
Blokkal::Io::LoadEntryJobAbstract base class for jobs that load entries
Blokkal::Io::LoadIndexJobAbstract base class for jobs that load a blog index
Blokkal::Io::XmlRpcJobThis class implements an XML-RPC call
Blokkal::PasswordDeleterA small helper class to remove the passwort of an account from the wallet
Blokkal::PasswordedAccountThis class provides the password handling for an account
Blokkal::PluginBase class for blokkal plugins
Blokkal::PluginManagerGlobal plugin manager class
Blokkal::PostEntryQueueHandles posting of entries
Blokkal::PostEntryStatusThis class describes the status of an entry manager by Blokkal::PostEntryQueue
Blokkal::ProtocolBase class for protocol plugins
Blokkal::TreeModelWraps the tree like structures for a view
Blokkal::Ui::BlogChooserA widget for selecting a blog
Blokkal::Ui::BlogChooserDialogA dialog, that displays a BlogChooser
Blokkal::Ui::BlogViewA TreeView that works with a BlogDelegate
Blokkal::Ui::BrowseEntryDialogBase class for dalogs used to browse old entries
Blokkal::Ui::BrowseEntryViewFactoryBase class for plugins that provide views to browse entries
Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidgetBase class for custom browse options
Blokkal::Ui::CategoryViewWidget for displaying and selecting categories
Blokkal::Ui::DropProxyAbstract base class for drop proxys
Blokkal::Ui::EditAccountWidgetBase Class for widgets to edit account properties
Blokkal::Ui::EditEntryViewFactoryThis class is the base for all plugins providing a view for editing entries
Blokkal::Ui::EditEntryWidgetWidgets used to edit entries
Blokkal::Ui::EntryExtensionWidgetBase class for extensions to the EditEntryWidget
Blokkal::Ui::FormattingBackendEntry point for custom formating options
Blokkal::Ui::GenericEditAccountWidgetA widget to edit generic account properties
Blokkal::Ui::GlobalSettingsStores global settings for the Blokkal and Blokkal::Ui namespaces
Blokkal::Ui::HtmlEntryTextEditEdits entry texts as HTML
Blokkal::Ui::HtmlTextHighlighterA simple HTML highlighter
Blokkal::Ui::MainWindowViewBase class for views that want to display a main window
Blokkal::Ui::MediaInfoComboBoxPresents current media player information
Blokkal::Ui::ProviderComboBoxKComboBox for selection of provider setups
Blokkal::Ui::ProviderInformationEncapsulates provider information
Blokkal::Ui::SecondaryWindowBase class for mainwindows that do not quit the application
Blokkal::Ui::SemiEditableComboBoxA combo box that is editable if the item with index 0 is selected and not editable otherwise
Blokkal::Ui::StdActionProvides standard actions
Blokkal::Ui::ViewThis class is the base for all views
Blokkal::WalletManagerWallet management class
Blokkal::WalletManagerSignalThis class is used be Blokkal::WalletManager