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Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget Class Reference

Base class for custom browse options. More...

#include <browseoptionwidget.h>

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void reloadRequested (Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget *widget)

Public Member Functions

 BrowseOptionWidget (Blokkal::Io::BlogBrowsingDriver *driver, QWidget *parent=0)
virtual Blokkal::Io::LoadEntryJobcreateLoadEntryJob (void)=0
Blokkal::Io::BlogBrowsingDriverdriver (void) const

Protected Slots

void emitReloadRequested (void)

Detailed Description

Base class for custom browse options.

If your blog provides unusual browsing options you can subclass this class and return it in your BlogBrowsingDriver implementation.

Martin Mueller <>

Definition at line 44 of file browseoptionwidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget::BrowseOptionWidget ( Blokkal::Io::BlogBrowsingDriver driver,
QWidget *  parent = 0 

Constructor. This widget comes with a default QHBoxLayout so you can just call layout()->addWidget() to add your child widgets.

driver the driver to be used by this widget
parent the parent widget

Definition at line 35 of file browseoptionwidget.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual Blokkal::Io::LoadEntryJob* Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget::createLoadEntryJob ( void   )  [pure virtual]

Creates and returns a LoadEntryJob configured to load entries according to the current content of the widget.

a LoadEntryJob

Blokkal::Io::BlogBrowsingDriver * Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget::driver ( void   )  const

Returns the driver used by this widget.

the driver used by this widget

Definition at line 49 of file browseoptionwidget.cpp.

void Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget::emitReloadRequested ( void   )  [protected, slot]

This slot emits the reloadRequested() signal

Definition at line 54 of file browseoptionwidget.cpp.

void Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget::reloadRequested ( Blokkal::Ui::BrowseOptionWidget widget  )  [signal]

If your widget includes a text input or some similar widget that has a returnPressed() signal, you can emit this signal after the return key has been pressed to indicate that the entry list should be reloaded.

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