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Blokkal::PostEntryQueue Class Reference

Handles posting of entries. More...

#include <blokkalpostentryqueue.h>

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Public Slots

void clearError (Blokkal::Entry *entry)
void queue (Blokkal::Entry *entry)
void restoreState (void)
void resumeProcessing (void)
void stopSyncing (void)
void suspendProcessing (void)
bool unqueue (Blokkal::Entry *entry, bool force=FALSE)


void entryAdded (Blokkal::Entry *addedEntry)
void entryFailing (Blokkal::Entry *failingEntry)
void entryPosted (Blokkal::Entry *postedEntry)
void entryRemoved (Blokkal::Entry *removedEntry)
void entryStatusChanged (Blokkal::Entry *entry, const Blokkal::PostEntryStatus *status)

Public Member Functions

int count (void) const
QLinkedList< Blokkal::Entry * > entries (void) const
const Blokkal::PostEntryStatusentryStatus (Blokkal::Entry *entry) const
bool isEmpty (void) const
bool isProcessing (void) const

Static Public Member Functions

static Blokkal::PostEntryQueueself (void)


class PostEntryQueuePrivate

Detailed Description

Handles posting of entries.

This class manages entries that need to be posted into their blogs. It will post the entries when their accounts go online.

This class does not guarantee that the entries will be posted in the correct order. Entries that belong to different blogs will be posted independently from each other. Entries that belong to the same blog will be posted in the same order they are queued as long as no errors occur.
Martin Mueller <>

Definition at line 50 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::clearError ( Blokkal::Entry entry  )  [slot]

Resets the status if the entry is marked as failing. Another attempt to post the entry will be made. If the entry is unknown or not failing nothing happens.

entry reset the status of this entry.

Definition at line 357 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

int Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::count ( void   )  const

Returns the number of currently queued entries.

the number of currently queued entries

Definition at line 221 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

QLinkedList< Blokkal::Entry * > Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entries ( void   )  const

Returns a list of currently queued entries.

a list of currently queued entries

Definition at line 231 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryAdded ( Blokkal::Entry addedEntry  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted after an entry has been added to the queue and before any attempt is made to post the entry.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryFailing ( Blokkal::Entry failingEntry  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted when an entry is failing to post.

failingEntry the entry failing to post

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryPosted ( Blokkal::Entry postedEntry  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted after an entry has been removed from the queue after it has succesfully been posted to the server. The entry will be destroyed after this signal has been emitted.

See also:

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryRemoved ( Blokkal::Entry removedEntry  )  [signal]

This signal is emitted after an entry has been removed from the queue.All references to PostEntryStatus objects for this entry are invalid now.

See also:

const Blokkal::PostEntryStatus * Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryStatus ( Blokkal::Entry entry  )  const

Return a pointer to the PostEntryStatus object for the entry.

entry get the status for this entry
the status for the entry, or 0

Definition at line 349 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::entryStatusChanged ( Blokkal::Entry entry,
const Blokkal::PostEntryStatus status 
) [signal]

This signal is emitted when the status of an entry changes.

entry the changed entry
status the new status

bool Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::isEmpty ( void   )  const

Returns true if no entries are queed.

true if no entries are queed

Definition at line 226 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

bool Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::isProcessing ( void   )  const

Test whether the queue is currently processing entries. This does not mean, that any entries are beeing posted, just that the queue will do so when all other conditions are met.

TRUE when the queue is currently processing entries

Definition at line 403 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::queue ( Blokkal::Entry entry  )  [slot]

Queues an entry for posting. This object will call ref() on entry. The entry will be deref()ed when it has been succesfully posted.

entry entry to queue
See also:

Definition at line 141 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::restoreState ( void   )  [slot]

Restores the last saved state.

Definition at line 408 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::resumeProcessing ( void   )  [slot]

Resumes queue processing.

Definition at line 392 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

Blokkal::PostEntryQueue * Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::self ( void   )  [static]

Returns a pointer to the global PostEntryQueue. If none exists yet, one will be created.

the global PostEntryQueue object

Definition at line 136 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::stopSyncing ( void   )  [slot]

Call this slot before shutting down the plugin manager.

Definition at line 464 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

void Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::suspendProcessing ( void   )  [slot]

Suspends queue processing. Ongoing post operations are not stopped.

Definition at line 387 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

bool Blokkal::PostEntryQueue::unqueue ( Blokkal::Entry entry,
bool  force = FALSE 
) [slot]

Removes an entry from the queue. If the entry is currently beeing posted to the server it cannot be unqued and this method will return FALSE unless force is set to true. In this case the post operation is aborted. If the entry was not queued in the first place this method will return FALSE.

You must call deref() on the returned entry when you no longer need it.
entry entry to remove
force remove entry, even when it is currently beeing posted
TRUE if the entry was successfully unqueued

Definition at line 168 of file blokkalpostentryqueue.cpp.

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